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A Guide to Finding the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi NCR

A Guide to Finding the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi NCR

Wedding photographs are an indispensable part of one’s journey. It reconnects us with our memories, peoples, places, feelings, and stories. In this contemporary world, photographs are not just mere memories. Photography presents new ways to present yourself and your culture to the world.

“Photography is an art, and not everyone is an artist.” Yes, irrespective of the occasion or reason, one needs good photographs to make a great first impression or savor the memories. You might have all the perfect setting for a great photoshoot, but eventually, it all comes down to the photographer.

Your photographer’s skills will decide how great your pictures appear and what they will convey.

How to choose the best wedding photographer?

A wedding photographer needs to be good at shooting the best part of people. They should also have experience taking pictures in various, or even adverse, lighting conditions. It can be exhausting and confusing to find the best wedding photographer. There is an overwhelming pressure to find the one who can carefully capture the entire ceremony and your precious moments.

You most probably reside in the capital city of India, if you are reading this right now. You are also probably searching for the best wedding photographer in Delhi. To choose the best of the best, you must go through the photographer’s portfolio, customer reviews, and awards that establish the photographer as a competitive professional in their field.

Do you still think it will be challenging to find someone with all these attributes? Cast aside your worries.
We have pinned down one of the finest fashion and wedding photographers in Delhi NCR.

Who is the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi?

Vaibhav Singh is an award-winning fashion designer and photographer. He has successfully represented India at multiple national and international fashion events. He has finished his Bachelor of Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata, in 2010. Following his graduation, he took part in the DAB Competition, APLF, Hongkong, in 2012. After winning this event, he pursued a Leather Goods and Accessories course in ARS Sutoria, Milan.

In 2013, he was featured in the top 10 Finalists in International Talent Support (ITS), Trieste, Italy. The following year, Vaibhav Singh earned an internship with Martin Grant in Paris at the ID Dunedin Fashion show. As a Gen Next Designer, he got an opportunity to showcase at Lakme Fashion Week winter/ festive 2016, Mumbai.

Vaibhav Singh is assisted by Shreya Choudhary. They both possess over ten years of experience and provide services related to all kinds of photoshoots such as fashion photography, wedding and pre-wedding photography, fitness photography, and many more.

You ought to check out Vaibhav Singh! He is the finest in this business, and his achievements speak for himself. Possessing an excellent sense of fashion, this photographer will help you capture the best parts of your special occasions. These photos will allow you to cherish those memories of your wedding days.

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